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Widen Our Welcome Housewarming Gift for Safe Haven Families

Please join us in welcoming the Safe Haven Families home by giving them a "house warming gift." As we move our families into the new/expanded shelter, we are in need of basic items for their rooms. Each of our family's rooms have one bathroom (with shower, toilet and sink), a desk, one full bed and several twin beds. We have 10 family rooms to stock with bedding, bath items and other basic room needs. Your donation will be used to buy these essential items.
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  • Please type in the dollar amount you want to donate. For example, if you are donating $100, you will type 100 in the box.

  • A donation of any amount will help purchase essential items for our families' rooms. Below is a list of examples of how your donation may be used:
    • A donation of $10 could purchase a desk lamp.
    • A donation of $20 could purchase a shower curtain.
    • A donation of $25 could purchase a twin bed comforter.
    • A donation of $35 could purchase a full bed comforter.
    • A donation of $50 could purchase a bathroom set (shower curtain, bath mat and one set of towels).
    • A donation of $75 to $100 could purchase a complete bedding set (comforter, sheets, pillow cases and pillow).
    • A donation of $200 could purchase a full bed set, a full bath set and several room essentials.
    • A donation of $500 could purchase all the bedding needed for 1 full and 4 twin beds in a family room.
    • A donation of a $1000 could supply one family room with all of its bedding, bath, desk and essential room needs.

  • When you click the 'Submit' button below, you will be directed to our Pay Pal site, however you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to donate.