The Renovation and Expansion

The decision to remodel and expand the facility has not been taken lightly, and every element of the plan is supported by evidence-based practices that foster a sense of independence, dignity and self-respect among the families Safe Haven serves.

With a current success rate of 85% with limited facilities, just think what we can do once the renovation has been completed!

Before the renovation

•  Shared bathroom facilities
•  Minimal privacy
•  Therapy conducted in semi-private areas
•  Limited computer access
•  Shared space for client education, community events, and staff meetings
•  Limited kitchen and cooking capabilities
•  Minimal space for outdoor play activities

After the Renovation

•Private, in room bathrooms
•Movable partitions within rooms to promote privacy among family members
•Dedicated private areas for individual, group and play therapy sessions
•New computer lab with supervised access
•Dedicated space for educational programs, community events, and meetings
•Fully functioning kitchen for volunteers to prepare meals on-site
•Improved outdoor children’s play area


To see the old status reports of renovation progress, click here.