Workforce Development Program Partners with Employers for Success

by Colleen McClintock, Workforce Development VISTA

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Safe Haven continues to expand our workforce development program through partnerships with employers. LetterLogic is an integral partner who works with us to hire Safe Haven clients through the “Jump Start Employment Program.” This partnership gives interview and work experience to Safe Haven clients, allowing them to jump start their employment and seek opportunities. This collaborative program provides a wage model that at once allows employees to sustain and build income.

Two Safe Haven clients have been working at LetterLogic through this partnership with great results. You can see the success of this program in the graphic below, which shows an increase in wages/income over the course of a year for both clients. These clients continue to be employed by LetterLogic and are thriving in their positions. These partnerships with potential employers are essential to our workforce development program.
We are grateful to LetterLogic for this program!

Client 1 & 2 Progress Chart for Q3 Newsletter