Housing First Program Partnerships

by Aaron Palmer, Housing Director and TJ Swanson, Housing Associate

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aaron and lester- a landlord- at safe havenNationally recognized as the most efficient and successful way to end homelessness, Housing First prioritizes permanent housing opportunities to those experiencing homelessness. Case management and continued wrap around services are a core part of this model.

This year, we have housed 30 families with four additional families moving to their own housing in the next two weeks. Since July 2014, through our Family Empowerment Program partnership, we have moved 172 families into permanent housing and prevented 22 families from becoming homeless.

We work with landlords to overcome rental barriers like past rental difficulties, credit issues or just housing a larger family that needs more space (3+bedrooms). Putting families into stable housing with wrap around case management services provides stability for the children and lowers barriers for the family.

We recently worked with a new landlord to begin renting to our families because of the positive experience his partner had renting to our families. We are grateful for the collaborations we have with landlords and hope to expand these relationships. There is power in these partnerships to make significant steps in ending family homelessness.