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Why are Support Circle Members important? While there are many “causes” of homelessness, everyone who experiences homelessness has experienced a loss of support networks in their lives for one reason or another. If a person’s homelessness is caused, in part, by the lack of community, then part of the solution is rebuilding community around that person. This is where Support Circles come in – members from local congregations or community groups come alongside newly housed individuals and families to foster friendship, hope, stability and wholeness. The friendship that forms, however, is not a one-way street and SC Members may be surprised to find their own sense of hope and wholeness in the process.

What kind of person is a Support Circle Member? SC Members come from all backgrounds. SC Members are patient, open-minded people who have a desire to provide consistency and to build relationship with others experiencing challenging situations. SC Members must undergo a background check.

How much time does it take? Neighbor and SC Members agree to a one-year commitment. The monthly hours required will generally range from 4-10 hours per month. Face-to-face contact between Neighbor and at least one SC Member is required once a month and weekly contact via phone, text, or face-to-face is encouraged. Four hours of orientation and initial training will be required by each SC Member, and additional learning opportunities will be offered throughout the year.

Are Support Circle Members trained and mentored? In addition to the training mentioned above, each group will also be connected to a Mentor. The Mentor has experience working with Neighbors and can provide guidance and support for the Support Circle throughout the year. The Support Circles program will provide monthly learning opportunities

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