26 Sep
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Seal Shield Makes Children’s Birthdays Special

Seal Shield is sponsor and partner of Safe Haven’s Birthday Club.

Seal Shield says they love celebrating their employees’ birthdays. And they believe that celebrations are even more special and memorable when they are shared. That is why Seal Shield started the “Celebrate You” initiative, a heartfelt cause that matches employees’ birthdays with a child experiencing homelessness at Safe Haven Family Shelter.

The initiative started in February 2021 and has provided just over 100 birthdays for children.

“Seal Shield is proud to partner with Safe Haven Family Shelter to further expand the ‘Celebrate You’ birthday initiative,” said Seal Shield CEO Brad Whitchurch. “It is extremely rewarding to help families create their own birthday traditions with the help of a Seal Shield employee who shares the same birthday as a child experiencing homelessness. Seal Shield appreciates the noble work of Safe Haven in empowering families and their children. We are proud to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.”

Seal Shield purposefully selects gifts based on the child’s age, interests, and provided information and delivers them to the shelter. To make the experience as hands-on for the parents, gifts are sent unwrapped with wrapping paper, tape, and scissors so that parents can wrap the gift and experience the child’s joy on their special day. To make the day even sweeter, cake mix and icing are also provided so that the family can bake and enjoy the birthday cake together.

This initiative would not exist without the time and passion of one of their employees, National Account Manager Valerie Scruggs. “I started ‘Celebrate You’ because it has been a life-long passion of mine to give back to the community – especially children,” said Valerie. “I love birthdays, and I believe everyone should feel special on their day. So, the idea of giving children gifts and cherished memories on their birthdays was a natural fit. I am honored when I hear the amazing feedback and heart-warming stories from the families because of the ‘Celebrate You’ initiative. It’s truly amazing to see how much it has grown. I am grateful to be joining Safe Haven Family Shelter to expand ‘Celebrate You’ and give even more children and their families’ the gift of a memorable birthday.”

We know Seal Shield’s efforts have an impact because of the reactions of the families that receive their birthday boxes from Valerie. One parent said, “I’ve never wrapped any birthday presents before. I’m going to do it this time and have them all set out when she wakes up in the morning. She’ll be so surprised. I’m already surprised.” Another parent responded, “I thought we were going to have to skip this birthday because we don’t really have much right now, and he is too young to know it’s his birthday anyway. I would have always known that we missed it, but now we don’t have to feel that way.”

We are so grateful to Valerie, Seal Shield and all of their employees who share their birthday celebrations with children at Safe Haven. They provide joy on a child’s special day and memories for the whole family. Thank you.

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